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In order for your tournament to be recognized by Softball Alberta, and for your membership benefits to stand, tournament organizers should contact us for a Tournament Sanction. This sanction will also be required by the umpire branch that is officiating the tournament. For a cost of $25, your participants can be ensured that their insurance and affiliation with Softball Alberta is valid. This also entitles you to a posting of your tournament in our office, as well as on our website.

- Tournament Date
- Location
- Category
- Fee
- Contact
- Softball Alberta Tournament Sanction Number

If you are not affiliated with Softball Alberta, but still wish to sanction your tournament for your attending teams, the web posting, and use of Softball Alberta umpires, the cost is $50.

**Please note that it will be up to the discretion of Softball Alberta whether or not Tournament Sanctions will be issued to all Tournaments in the month of July.**