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Frequently Asked Questions

8) Why do we have to pay a Post-Provincial Bond?

Each year, Softball Alberta has to commit a certain number of teams that will be participating in Post-Provincial Championships to Softball Canada. The number of teams determined is based on each team's submitted Letter of Intent. If Softball Alberta does not fulfill its committed number of teams, a fine is levied against Softball Alberta and the team which has backed out of their commitment. This is why we collect the Bond - it is then returned to each team, once they have fulfilled their commitment to Provincials, and/or Post-Provincial play.

Host Hotel Commitment:

All teams attending Canadian Championships are required to stay at the host hotel. This means, if any form of paid accommodation is used by any team member, it must be the host hotel, otherwise the team is in default and will be fined $1,000 by Softball Canada.

Softball Alberta will use the team bond process that is already in place for participation requirements so an ‘additional’ bond of $1000 is not required. Teams are still required to fill out the “Letter of Intent” and have it and their bond submitted to Softball Alberta by June 1st.